Our Team

A Professional & Experienced Team

Each Qualified Building Solutions’ site is run by an experienced LBP and qualified builder with excellent knowledge of the building industry and how building sites work. Our foremen are not just great builders, they also carefully manage H&S on site. We handpick them for their ability to not only build but to be good at communicating with clients and organising tradies on site! They have the necessary skills to forecast tasks, plan materials, and schedule trades to achieve deadlines and manage the time allocation of workers on site into contract or variation work. This ensures your invoice matches what’s happening on your build!

All our site foremen started as builders at QBS before earning the right to become a foreman. Being a foreman is not for everyone, though. It requires the ability to work under extreme pressure while demonstrating patience along with discipline and army-like execution. In addition, we carefully select the builders working under a foreman to ensure they fit the team and the way the foreman runs his site.