Basement Extensions: What You Can Do & What You Need to Consider

Basement extension construction

Looking to add space to your home without reducing your garden area?

A basement extension can transform even the drabbest basements to one of the liveliest spaces a home has to offer. A project of this size may be logistically challenging, but the added usable space in your home can increase your property’s value as well as give your family more room to breathe.

To help you with an exciting conversion, the team at Qualified Building Solutions (QBS) pooled together basement extension ideas as well as the top factors a homeowner has to consider.

What You Can Do

A basement has so many potential uses. With the right team you can have a/an:

Additional Living Space

An additional living space is great for growing families. It can be your cinema room, art studio, gym – anything you want it to be. You can also convert your basement to a bedroom complete with its own toilet for friends or relatives staying over.

Rental Unit

Convert your basement into a self-contained rental unit and you can make money out of a space that was just there. You can have a separate entryway made for your tenant so that both of you can enjoy privacy.

Organised Storage Space

You’re probably already using your basement for storing stuff, but you can have it converted to have wall-to-wall waterproof and fire-retardant storage for the safekeeping of important documents and memorabilia.

Home Office

Since the basement is the most undisturbed area in your home, it can be the best area for a home office. You can improve the ceiling’s acoustics so that you won’t hear footsteps from your home’s ground floor echo to your office.

Internal Garage

An internal access garage is great on cold, wet days. Providing your car with better protection from elements, an internal access garage can also help with your car’s resale value.

What You Need to Consider

There are several things to consider when planning for a basement extension. The most important ones are whether you’re home’s structure will allow for a basement extension, if there are any consents required and how much basement renovation costs.

Assess if your basement’s current headroom is comfortable enough for the purpose you are considering or if some excavation might be required.

You also have to consider drainage and damp proofing as well as insulation, lighting, ventilation and heating to keep your new space livable and comfortable. When meeting with a builder, the foundation, drainage, damp proofing and ventilation should be considered early in the planning process.

For optimal livability, give natural lighting a considerable amount of thought as well. You can have light wells in many forms. From simple grates placed at the front of the property to deep excavations in the garden, there are many options to allow more natural light into your property. You can also convert the garden excavations into courtyards giving you more stunning features to your property.

Talk to Us About Your Basement Extension Dreams

Qualified Building Solutions has the expertise to convert a basement into any living space. Our licensed builders are knowledgeable and experienced in basement extensions, even in projects that require excavation, foundation work, re-piling and ground stabilisation.

Let us know about your vision and we can advise you on ways to cut back on costs. You can also look at our previous projects for inspiration.

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