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ArchiPro – The Best of 2021

Last year was a big year for ArchiPro’s community, with engagement reaching new heights and views going through the roof. To bring in the new year, we’re celebrating our top professionals, projects, product suppliers and articles. So who was the most viewed in 2021?

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QBS Licensed builders – Move & Re build, Kohimarama

QBS Licensed builders important initial decisions
Reasons for transporting a house
Transporting a house to a new site happens when:

A new house is built off-site by a building company that either specialises in building removable homes, or is selling a show home.
A house is built in the contractor’s yard and later moved to a new site.
An old house is bought, either from a building removal company’s sale-yard, or from an existing section, and transported to a new site for restoration and renovation.
A house is moved to a better position on the same site to allow for a subdivision or better use of the section.
New transportable homes
You can find the names of companies that build transportable homes in the Yellow Pages. Some kitset and group housing companies also build transportable homes.

One reason for buying such a home may be the convenience of the house being built off-site. QBS licensed builders are best at this call us on 0212170003, This is often a cheaper option and you can see exactly what you are getting. These houses are popular for baches and holiday homes. The house arrives fully completed but you will need to have foundations built, and engage a plumber, drainlayer and electrician to connect the services. Visit our website for more info! or 0212170003

Old homes for relocation
People choose to recycle an old house rather than building new because:

They can acquire a character home which they can renovate.
They like the native timbers used in a lot of older homes and which are now becoming harder to obtain.
It can work out cheaper than building new.
Will it suit the section?
The location and topography of the new site is important when you plan to move a house onto it. Houses can usually be placed on a hill section provided it is not too steep. They can be placed on poles to raise them up and/or to build a basement beneath. You have to know whether the house you are moving is built for the wind zone in the new location. See the building consent process.

Access is important as the truck has to be able to drive in, although in some cases a crane can be used.

Also be conscious of whether the house you are moving will suit the neighbourhood. A small colonial cottage may look odd in a new subdivision of large, new Mediterranean-style homes. And there may be council planning restrictions on the types of homes that can be built in certain areas.

Moving an old house
What will it cost?
The cost of buying an old house for removal can range from a few thousand dollars for a two-room bach, to over $100,000 for a large home.

The cost of moving the house will depend mainly on the time it takes, which depends in turn on the route to be travelled, the size of the house and the degree of difficulty. It can range from a few thousand dollars to move a single-piece house, with the price increasing for the number of pieces, location and difficulty.

The house moving company will generally be responsible for the moving permits, i.e. the costs of moving the house over public roads, but the homeowner is responsible for building and resource consents.

The cost of placing the house on the new site, the foundations, connections to services, repairs, alterations and renovations will be a large part of your total budget. Note that some house moving companies can have the foundations built for you at the new site.

Objections to the removal of some houses
If you see an old house for sale for removal, there is always a chance the neighbours will object to it moving away from the neighbourhood. If this is confusing contact

Conversely, neighbours may have objections to an old house moving into a newer development. In this case resource consent will be required. Contact QBS licensed builders for more info!

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