Home Renovations in Auckland

From kitchen & bathroom renovation to a whole property renovation, we have it all covered.

Is your home in need of modernization? Do you want to make it more suitable for your family and lifestyle? Do you want to add value to your property or are you a landlord who needs to prepare a property for tenants? Whatever reason you need house renovation services in Auckland, we can help.

At Qualified Building Solutions, we handle renovations of all sizes from standard kitchen or bathroom renovations, to complete home or property transformations. Our team includes dedicated and experienced professionals as well as a trusted list of contractors who we have been working with for years. This lets us keep tight control of your project to ensure the finish is to a standard you expect.

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What You’ll Get

  • Full range of home renovation services including design, building, all trades, interior decorating, and more
  • Professional and friendly customer service
  • Reliable and dependable team
  • Competitive quotes

QBS stands for Qualified Building Solutions. We strive to fulfil that promise in our dealings with our customers. Whenever we conduct house renovations in Auckland, we make sure our services are reliable, comprehensive, and efficient at all times.

We employ a highly skilled and experienced team of builders who specialise in various aspects of construction. Our team consists of foremen, carpenters, apprentices, labourers, and truck drivers. We also work regularly with architects and draftsmen for planning, reviews, and site consultations. We are qualified to perform a wide range of services and construction jobs, from design to decoration.

Our builders and designers are selected not only for their abilities but also for their communication and coordination skills. They will keep in close contact with you throughout the entire construction process, offering site consultations and planning reviews to ensure plans are fully finalised before building commences. We ensure you are kept in the loop at all times, so we can fulfil your vision to its maximum potential.

With over 75 years of combined experience, more than 60 dependable subcontractors, and 230+ successful construction projects, we have honed our services to provide only the best for our clients.

Transform Your Property Today

The first step to transforming your home or property is to give us a call. We will discuss your project and what you want to achieve and will arrange a free site visit, so we can inspect your home. We can give you further advice at this stage and will arrange a free quote of our house renovation services.

Whatever vision you have for the renovation of your property, we’ll make it happen with minimal hassle or fuss.