Every QBS project is managed by a dedicated foreman, and every foreman is LBP-licensed and trade-qualified to the highest NZ standards. ​

Our site foreman must meet a certain criteria to be given this privilege, they must have great awareness for the health & safety of those who are working on their site and generally know how to keep a site organised, clean and productive. They need to have great understanding of NZs3604 & E2 weathertightness in NZ so that details and tasks are completed correctly and to building code standards that will pass council inspections. Co-ordination of multiple sub trades is paramount! A foreman needs to be able to follow schedules created by the pm, manage dozens of trades and their schedules on a daily basis all while multi-tasking materials that are required, planning for up and coming tasks and negotiating weather, inspections & curve balls.

A site foreman must be able to communicate with a client even when put under pressure and must never loose there cool with a client even if the client may be in the wrong. It is his job to absorb the clients or sub-contractors frustrations and requests, then communicate them with his project manager to ensure the project is kept under control at all times. Finally, the site foreman must oversee the quality and workmanship by all on his site and notify all issues or potential issues to the project manager, so it can be then discussed with the client and a solution achieved.

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