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    Not all builders are the same so it’s important to know what sort of builder will fit with your project vision the best. We believe the following four attributes are required to make any project a success. It starts with communication, from the minute you enquire with us, you go into our rave system and a client file is created from here we load check in reminders so we keep you feeling like you are a priority to us, once a job is in contract our communication goes to the next level with regular face to face meetings with Troy himself. Trust, trusting your builder to study, develop and create accurate estimates, timelines and schedules for your project, a skill only possessed by those who have experience in running a building company for many years in our case 11 years across all platforms. Dedication, having a dedicated team assigned to your project, people who are not just there for a pay check but want to produce work to highest standard and share the owners dream of truly being the best. Quality, no project is a success without this, quality incorporates all of the previous attributes. Communicate about the quality, trust the builder to provide quality work, and dedication to creating quality work roll it together and you get quality and you get QBS. If we sound like the type of company you want to deliver your dream enquire today #qbsit

    Budget & Scope creation,Design & Build, Pricing & Quantity Surveying & more

    We're your one stop trade shop! Building, plumbing, electrical & more!

    Dedicated team

    A hand-picked team, specific to your project needs.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Custom built quality assurance process, 10 year home guarantee, 5 year workmanship guarantee, Professional material maintenance schedules.

    Professional Pricing

    Fully itemised and detailed pricing. Detailed specifications of inclusions & exclusions. Fixed price options

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    Our highly skilled and well-balanced building crews have been setting the standard in Auckland since the company was created. Each team of guys has been put together personally by Troy himself and each person must meet his criteria, whether they are experienced or seeking an apprentiship. Because we choose to set the bar so high even for our apprentices QBS is not for everyone, if your second you might as well be last. We want our clients to feel like their team of builders will move heaven and earth to get meet their expectations and that no other company could have done it better! That is why we put so much time into selecting the people who wear the QBS logo.

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    • James Sorenson


      James Sorenson

    • Martin Laidlaw


      Martin Laidlaw

    • Geoff Johnson


      Geoff Johnson

    • Ryan Cowie

      Juniour Foreman

      Ryan Cowie

      Juniour Foreman
    • Sione Faunuku

      Juniour Foreman

      Sione Faunuku

      Juniour Foreman
    • Troy Jury

      Project Manager / Director / Foreman

      Troy Jury

      Project Manager / Director / Foreman

    What we build


    Every company needs to have goals, and ours is absolutely to become Auckland's best architectural building company. To achieve this, we need to be particular with the type of projects we accept and consistently need to have 1 or 2 high-end architectural or challenging builds on the go. We never overlook an opportunity or turn down a client without proper evaluation. We get enquiries for all types of work and do our best to assess each project opportunity. Often we can schedule smaller renovations or projects into our workload. As we have a reasonable size team, we can be flexible with builder placement depending on what stage each job is at. We don't turn down work unless we can not guarantee a professional, enjoyable and quality experience for our client. We have a variety of projects in our portfolio and are capable of any project regardless of scale or difficulty. In fact, the harder, the better! We have become experts at large renovations and bespoke architectural new homes, but we have also done a fair amount of large re-clads, commercial projects, fit-outs, and the odd TV show.

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    Examples of Our Work

    Take a minute to check out and follow some of our recently completed or work in progress below!

    Very rarely are any of our projects the same, which is why we love what we do. We believe that the essence of a truly great builder is the ability to adapt and deliver any project regardless of environment, scale, detail or difficulty.

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    Design & Build

    We can get it designed, priced and built

    Often clients come to us with nothing more than a dream, idea or vision, and they ask us what the next step might be. Over the last 7 years, we have developed and fine-tuned our Design & Build service and will be growing this service substantially in the future. Designing and building a new home from the grounds up is very different compared to renovating a house. A new home can be designed often with a single site visit. A vision and building input will follow as we craft the design concepts. Renovations are an entirely different undertaking. You should engage an experienced builder before contacting an architect. In this way, your builder can assess, document and discuss your existing home's features, bones and risks with you first. There is no point in designing a second floor and creating a budget for the renovation work when the existing foundations and replacement costs are unknown. These sorts of checks need to be done by a builder, who then works with the client and the architect from the design stage. At the same time, the builder can assist with preliminary budgets, the scope of works to the existing areas of the home and more! Currently, we offer this service as "ECI" early contractor involvement, and we highly recommend this for both renovations and new home designs.

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    The Right Builder for Your Job

    This is the key!

    Not all builders are the same, so it is important that you make the right choice. You need to ensure your builder's values and priorities align with your own, and they can deliver the project to the standard you expected. Due to the "Building Boom" in today's market, new companies are being created weekly, often by carpenters, not builders, who have only recently become qualified. A carpenter is given the title "Qualified" only by meeting the bare minimum standards required. Clients need to understand the risk they are taking by engaging a business with no experience. Your home is often your biggest asset, and the development of that asset should be placed in the hands of highly experienced, qualified builders only. It is one thing to be a qualified carpenter, but quite another to be a builder with the experience and confidence to run multiple projects as well as a business, both on & off-site. When you hire QBS, you choose a company with proven on-site and off-site service - from your first consultation to sound design advice, project budgeting, scope creation, delivery, & much more.

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