About us / why us



Let’s start with our name, Qualified Building Solutions. We’ll help you with the solution, plus we’re qualified to deliver it.​​

This is because we are a solutions-based company. So, if you have an issue, we’ll find the solution! We don’t stress about the issue or the reason for the problem. We just deliver a solution.​​

In fact, we have solutions for every issue. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a leak, not enough space at home, or a dream but no plan. ​

We Are Qualified and Licensed Builders

QBS is not just qualified, we are licensed building practitioners.

This means we are aligned with the NZ Certified Builders Association, the only association in NZ that requires qualifications and references to become a member.

This gives you instant peace of mind when searching for a company and should help you move past any doubts when trying to find a builder that is capable of doing the job.

Our core company values are Communication, Trust, Reliability, and Quality. When you can provide these things in every situation, cost is no longer a deciding factor. We believe most people are happy to pay for a service so long as you deliver on your promises.

From the second you meet Troy at your first consultation, you will be met with a friendly smile, open ears, and a professional and qualified opinion. It is extremely important to get this stage of a potential build right as it sets the tone for the entire job. We turn up on time plus we are tidy, organised, professional, and ready to work on your dream home.

Troy will gauge within a few minutes whether you require his full set of tools to get the project going, or simply need guidance and tips on how to navigate the next steps of your project.

Once we have received draft BC plans, we can begin the draft pricing process. It usually takes us 3-4 weeks to return the pricing. We then follow this up with a face-to-face discussion about pricing structure, scope, specs, and design.

When you supply us with plans where we have not been involved in the design process, we can review those plans prior to submitting to the council. This enables us to suggest any changes or modifications to help your budget, timeline, and overall finish.

We use Certified Builder’s contracts that are designed for building and construction projects, plus we offer a range of contract types. This includes fixed, labour-only, cost plus margin, and preliminary works. Please note that all works over $30,000 now legally require a formal contract.

We’ll send invoices to you weekly via XERO – these become due within five working days. All invoices are broken down, and dockets are supplied for transparency. We also track and update your budget via an Excel spreadsheet, so you can have an idea of how your budget is looking.

Our standard deposit amount is 10% of the contract and is returned as a credit on the final invoice. Larger jobs may require a bigger deposit amount as security. Once we receive your deposit, we’ll lock-in the start date and will then arrive on site at the time and on the day specified!

Choosing to meet with QBS will be the best decision of your life. We talk the talk because we walk the walk.

Communication, trust, reliability, and quality is all you need to achieve a successful project!

Building should be an exciting and happy process for you, not a stressful one. Choose QBS and leave the stress to us! QBS IT!

ready to start your dream project?